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Molson Coors Brewing Company and Obolon Corporation announce their commercial cooperation in Ukraine. The Carling beer brand will enter the Ukrainian market as one of the first results of cooperation between the two companies. Late this month consumers will be able to buy Carling in 0.5 l bottles in food stores, bars and supermarkets throughout Ukraine. The Ukrainian beer market is the second largest by volume in Eastern Europe. The Ukrainian beer market (estimated volume — 3 bn. liters) has grown more than 8% (CAGR) over the past 5 years. Growth rates of the premium segment are highest as consumers increasingly prefer premium-brand beer to beer of the medium-priced segment. The low rate of consumption per person means the market has growth potential for several years to come.

Carling is the most popular British light beer, with over 200 years of brewing experience. Carling is a lager with an intense taste that is easy to drink. Its special taste has helped Carling to remain the Beer No. 1 in Great Britain in terms of sales for the past 30 years. In addition, it is one of the best-loved brands and has 100% brand recognition.

In Ukraine, Carling will be brewed at Obolon’s plant, which has already undergone an audit by Molson Coors. The suppliers of raw ingredients and packaging materials were also inspected and certified. Quality experts from Molson Coors will monitor production of each batch of Carling beer, thereby ensuring the product’s high quality. Ukraine will produce Carling using Carling’s unique yeast, top-grade hops from Western Europe and the best Ukrainian barley. The exclusive process of malt production that helps Carling acquire its special taste will also be implemented in Ukraine.

Molson Coors strives to achieve extraordinary results worldwide and to create unique brands enjoyed by beer enthusiasts the world over. Through close cooperation with Obolon Corporation in Ukraine, Molson Coors plans to become a serious player in the Ukrainian premium beer market represented by the Carling brand," in the words of Oleksandr Kyseliov, General Director of Molson Coors International in Ukraine.

Cooperation with Molson Coors will help Obolon Corporation strengthen its position in the premium segment through the Carling brand and expand its presence in HoReCa. Based on the results of our research, Ukrainian consumers like famous brands and beer with a special taste. These characteristics are one of Carling’s major advantages. Thus, Ukrainians are happy to hear the news that the British brand is coming to Ukraine," says Vitaliy Tkachenko, Marketing Director, Obolon Corporation.