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Obolon continues to advance steadily towards sustainable development, remaining one of the leaders in social responsibility. In addition, the new Sustainable Development Reportbecame the first one in the Ukrainian FMCG market to pass an independent audit.

The data of the Report traditionally display the situation in the major areas of corporate social responsibly in all company departments: remote production sites, subsidiaries, and companies holding equity interests.

There have been a number of positive changes in all spheres of the company’s business during the reporting period. Obolon continues to increase its business efficiency while at the same time reducing its environmental footprint in all areas of business.Serhii Bloshchanevych, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Obolon Corporation: Obolon is developing its business based on the principles of transparency and openness. It is our fourth report on sustainable development since 2007, when the corporation joined the United Nations Global Compact. The 2011−2012 Report highlights the achievements made by Obolon Corporation in the areas of responsible resource consumption, reduction of environmental impact, implementation of gender equality, and investment into social development"

Our Report was the first in the Ukrainian FMCG sector to pass an independent audit, qualifying for a B+ level according to the Global Reporting Initiative, which ensures greater transparency of the company’s business for all stakeholder groups.

Henning Drager, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Officer, BDO Audit Company: By engaging a recognized independent auditor in the process of sustainable development reporting, Obolon Corporation made an open statement of its conscious attitude towards social responsibility, as well as its desire to ensure transparency and accuracy of the information provided by the company for a wide range of interested parties. This decision clearly demonstrates that the company realizes the social, environmental, and financial aspects of its responsibility for its production and sale processes."