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Carambola, a new beverage in Obolon’s youth series of beer mixes, was launched on the market this June. The new drink is a real emotional explosion, as it combines light premium beer with the taste of exotic tropical fruit.

Carambola beer mix has a low alcohol content, drinks well, and quickly quenches the thirst. The taste of the light beer contained in the beer mix is refreshed by the exotic flavor of the tropical carambola fruit. The appearance of the can, designed in bright and rich colors, emphasizes the stimulating properties of the drink.

BeerMix Carambola contains light beer and syrup of the exotic carambola fruit. The alcohol content is at least 2.5%, dry solids content in the initial wort constitute 12.2%, energy value 45 Cal/100 g. Offered in 0.5 l tin cans.

Antonina Osykhovska, Obolon brand manager: The modern youth live a vibrant life, always looking for new things and vivid emotions. This is what Carambola gives them — A juicy beginning for a hot summer. This is a drink for people who are always at the heart of events, who are active and know how to enjoy every moment of their lives.

The low alcohol content and the combination of beer and fruit syrup make beer mixes popular among young people. In January through April 2013, the beer mix segment constituted 2.2% of the beer market *. Obolon Corporation, which was the first company to introduce this innovative beverage type in the Ukrainian market in 2002, is the leader in this category, with a market share of over 50%.

The beverages currently marketed under Obolon BeerMix brand include BeerMix Cherry, BeerMix Lemon, BeerMix Carambola, and BeerMix Energy.

* According to Nielsen.